At Mary Jane’s Pre-School and Kindergarten, we provide an environment that promotes the development of children who are:

We believe the early years represent a wondrous and important time in a child’s life.  This age represents a time when basic patterns and attitudes of learning and living are formed and necessary skills are developed.  We employ a team-teaching approach for two hours of the two and one-half hour session.  This provides us with the opportunity and joy of sharing our teachers’ various talents, experience, and resources with each child, as well as with each other.


We believe by fostering a sense of self-worth in each of our students, we help them to learn to respect and care for others in their ever-expanding world.  At Mary Jane’s, we provide attention to the varied needs of the “whole” child; consequently, we provide opportunities for the social and emotional, cognitive, physical, and aesthetic development of each student at his or her own pace. 


We understand that nothing is more important than continuity and the faithful presence of adults in a youngster’s life.  Our teachers, support staff and director love their jobs at Mary Jane’s and are very dependable.  Our teacher retention rate is exceptional with teachers averaging seven-plus years at Mary Jane's. All teachers are fully qualified and certified in Early Childhood Education to meet State Licensing requirements and most far exceed the licensing requirements.  All staff members are First Aid and CPR certified.