Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten Programs
Our program offers a balance between free choice activities and structured lessons.  Incorporated in our monthly and seasonal themes are cooking, dramatic play, holiday celebrations, and additional creative experiences.  A typical schedule for Mary Jane’s preschoolers includes:

  1. Learning Centers—Arts & Crafts, Math & Science, Motor Development & Dramatic Play, and Language & Manipulatives (Children are encouraged to visit each station every day.)
  2. Music and Story Time
  3. Snack Served Family-Style in Homeroom, with an Emphasis on Learning Table Manners
  4. Outdoor Play
  5. Small Group Time

Junior Kindergarten Program
Our unique, comprehensive, and proven five-day Junior Kindergarten Program (also known as Transitional Kindergarten or T.K.), provides stimulating and appropriately challenging experiences.  With small groups of 10 students, each class enjoys a great variety of educational opportunities.  As with our pre-school programs, we advocate and nurture a positive, joyful attitude towards school and life-long learning.  Our curriculum includes lessons focused on:

  1. Social/Emotional Development
  2. Language Arts/Phonics
  3. Art Exploration
  4. Music & Dramatic Arts
  5. Math & Science
  6. Social Studies
  7. Introduction to Spanish & American Sign Language
  8. Physical Education

Click here to download the Mary Jane's Preschool Handbook